Conscious Connective Coaching

Revealing What is Holding You Back,
Conscious Connective Coaching
Empowers Awareness and Inspired Action
to Come Into the Heart of Embodying a New Reality!
What We Do
Why We Do It
Jane L. Mullins and Amanda Hatfield are a mother-daughter business who offer Conscious Connective Coaching, providing a safe space where you are empowered to be a part of your own healing.  
Through their own gifts of Grace and Truth, you are invited to create a new reality full of abundance and prosperity!
Jane and Amanda have both struggled throughout their lives. Divine teachers, both celestrial and human, entered at Divine timing and through their own pauses, they were able to bring awareness to what needed to be changed in order to move forward.  As a result, Jane and Amanda discovered their own unique gifts and as gratitude, they wish to share these gifts with you in your evolutionary progress.
Conscious Connective Coaching is a service offered globally via Skype or phone.

For hands on healing incorporated into your sessions, we are located at:  Sacred Journeys Wellness Center
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